Police and Public Safety Testing


Assessment Strategies, LLC serves a large number of city, county, and state public safety organizations. We primarily conduct pre-employment public safety testing for:

  • Police Officers
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Detention/Corrections Officers
  • Dispatcher/Communications Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Specialized Units

We also offer assessment centers for selection of supervisory and command personnel.

Dr. Ron Waln’s doctoral research focused on selection of law enforcement officers, and he has consulted for more than 20 years on police psychology issues, including testing, job analysis, performance management, training, and research. He is a member of the Police Psychological Services Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology. He is also an active associate member of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, the Kansas Sheriff’s Association, and the Kansas Peace Officer’s Association.