Employment Testing for Business & Industry

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Hiring or promoting an employee is a high-stakes decision that can result in millions of dollars in benefits or costs to an organization. That is why we devote so much effort to providing our clients “fast, reliable, dead-on accurate” employment testing services.

Assessment Strategies, L.L.C. will help you select high-performance people for your organization at all levels of responsibility. Some categories of personnel selection assessments include:

Executive and Management Assessment

Assessment Strategies, L.L.C. accurately assesses the abilities of executive and management candidates to direct and lead an organization. Each assessment evaluates candidates in four vital areas that make or break management careers: mental ability, technical expertise, business sense, and personality characteristics.

Sales Assessment

Hiring and managing productive sales personnel is a difficult task for any company. Assessment Strategies, L.L.C. helps clients select intelligent, conscientious, outgoing and persistent sales representatives who can relate to customers productively.

Manufacturing/Technical Assessment

Competent and reliable production and technical employees are critical to the success of manufacturing and high-tech companies. We assess skilled trades personnel in terms of basic skills, mechanical comprehension, and the behavioral characteristics that affect productivity.

Customer Service/Clerical Assessment

In the service industries, the quality of your employees determines your success more than in any other type of business. Assessment Strategies, L.L.C. will help you hire bright, friendly, diplomatic, efficient and conscientious people who will provide the best in customer service. We’ll also help you identify clerical employees who will work efficiently and accurately.